The following are general exclusions for the SII product. This means that should the loss of or damage to a shipment arises as a direct result of the exclusions listed below, that the SII product will not respond in the event of a claim:

  • Willful misconduct of the assured: This means that any deliberate act by the customer or someone acting on behalf of the customer that results in loss or damage is considered to be an invalid claim under the policy
  • Loss caused by the act or omission of the Shipper or the Receiver or their Agents: This means that any loss or damage caused as a direct result by an action or error by the customer or someone acting on their behalf is excluded
  • Ordinary Wear & Tear, Ordinary leakage, ordinary losses in weight or volume: Usual or expected damage/leakage etc is excluded
  • Poor, Insufficient or unsuitability of packing or preparation of the subject matter insured: Any damage or loss as a result of bad packaging is excluded
  • Inherent vice / Deterioration of Goods or Nature of the subject matter insured: Any loss or damage that arises as a result of the characteristic of the goods being transported is excluded
  • Delays: Loss arising from a delay in the delivery of a shipment is excluded
  • War on land: Loss or damage resulting from an official act of a legitimate and recognized war is excluded
  • Insolvency or financial default of carrier: If the carrier becomes bankrupt or insolvent, and this results in the loss of a shipment, this is excluded
  • Deliberate damage to or deliberate destruction of the subject matter insured: If the contents of the shipment are deliberately destroyed this is excluded (e.g. if the customer decides that the shipment is no longer required, and issues instructions to have it destroyed, this will be excluded)
  • Loss arising from nuclear weapons, nuclear risks: If loss or damage is sustained to a shipment as a result of (for example) a nuclear explosion, this is excluded
  • Consequential losses, Loss of Profit or Interest: Any indirect losses are excluded


Basis Of Valuation

As declared or replacement cost or invoice value or actual cash value, whichever is the lesser.

This policy is subject to the condition of average, that is to say, if the interest covered by this insurance shall at the time of loss be of greater value than the sum insured hereby the Insured shall only be entitled to recover hereunder such proportion of the said loss and the sum insured by this Policy bears to the total value of the said interest.




In addition, the following commodities must be referred to Risk Management in advance of collection or contract negotiations being concluded, regardless of value (unless specified below):

Aircraft / Helicopter
Antiques, Works of Art, Oriental Rugs and Silverware
Arms or firearms parts
Bulk shipments (non-containerized)
Bottled Spirits with a value exceeding EUR 500,000 per shipment
Cement / Cement Products
Cigarettes with a value exceeding EUR 250,000 per shipment
Computer Chips and CPU’s with a value exceeding EUR 500,000 per shipment
Deeds, Securities, Treasury Notes and the like
Designs, Patterns, Plans, Manuscripts, and all other Documents
Fine Art
Humanitarian Aid
Jewelry and Watches (Costume Jewelry excepted)
Livestock or Bloodstock
Living Creatures
Mobile/Cellular Telephones and their accessories with a value exceeding EUR 500,000 per shipment Money (including Bank Notes and Coins)
Precious and Semi-precious Stones and Metals (including but not limited to Bullion)
Prototypes and One of a Kind Interests
Stamps, Duty Stamps, Tickers and the like
Temperature Controlled Goods
Temperature Sensitive Goods


Process for queries

All queries with regard to cover, exclusions or application of cover should be directed to the DHL Express Head Office in Lebanon and NEVER directly with an AIG office.